A collection of curious, thoughtful, useful, and humorous content gleaned from the intertubes.

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Illustrated, humorous, tweets.

Tell those politicians who's boss.

Actually a pretty great idea, if only to get people more interested/invested in government.

Hysterical. But disturbingly founded on a kernel of truth.

Interesting thoughts about ereaders vs. real books.

Easy internet explorer virtualization.

Oh, github.

P.S. The images have had hover-overs for a little while now.

What's so great about the ESV?

It's always inspiring to see people love their work.

How to deal with all these new words.

Interesting perspective. From my preparation for Oxford, it seems like this has been the accepted way of processing the vast quantity of information assigned by tutors for some time (i.e. pre-computing explosion of words available to read).

Islamic banking.

Interesting read.

In case you needed another website to waste time on.

Well curated collection of HD wallpapers.

Peculiar snapshots. Exactly what it sounds like.

College: the insatiable beast.

It seems like universities may do well to focus on having professors who teach and professors who research, instead of splitting the attention of each teacher between both tasks.

Clever use of opentype to make font based graphs.

Adobe's extremely impressive new deblur algorithm.

Handy and awesome collection of CSS3 animations.

This guy knows portfolio websites.

Anything handwritten is great.

Are letters a peephole into our souls?

Great intro to coding websites.

A.N. Wilson on Christianity.

He’s also written an excellent biography of C.S. Lewis.

More minimal BW.

British reaction to American vocabulary.

Find the good movies on Netflix.

And mutter a curse about Starz.

Pre WWII color photography.

Great photography from Berlin.

Curated photographic wallpapers.

Amusing iDevice wallpapers.

No more Da Vinci-esque geniuses?

A fascinating discussion. I tend to agree that science has become far too commercialized and mainstream for multifaceted ‘geniuses’ like Da Vinci. Is this bad? Practically, no. It’s not very exciting though.

Calculators don't get more awesome than this.

Nifty illustrations.

I especially like the book covers.

Adding a human dimension.

Huge pile of handy web design stuff.

Cinemagraphs: How to make them.

Astonishingly talented pencil drawings.

Isometric CSS.

This is just too cool.

The undocumented life.

Immigration needs reform, and by reform I don’t mean a crackdown.

Modernizing the receipt.

I like the little statistics. Next step: save trees and turn receipts digital.

Dieter Rams.

Click around while you’re on there. Veerle has a pleasant site.

I'm in love.

Now where’d I put that spare $275?

Find out about fantastic fonts.

I especially enjoy the Comedy Central redesign.

Clever illustrations.

The average color of New York.

Actually produces some pretty interesting hues.

Girls are going extinct!

I wonder why? (Abortion?)

Mesmerizing teaser website.

Salvation from the tyranny of three dimensions.

Except for the $15 movie tickets, alas!

Embroidered portraits.

Minimalism where it matters: on the desktop.

Some more aerial photography.

Marvelous mashup of past and present.

Photographic look into New York's Past.